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Earlier this summer, precisely in May, we had our first Agile Product Open Space in Toronto. The event gave us an insight into what could happen when you bring together Agile Coaches and Product Managers/Owners: networking, sharing experiences, debunking myths about each side etc. As summer is gradually coming to an end, we have started planning for what to come in the fall. We’ll be starting a regular Meetup in Toronto and I am excited to invite all of you to join. We’ll be polling the community for the meetup schedule and themes/topics, so it’s very important that you join today – so you can be part of the discussion.

Events announcements will be coming soon. It looks like we’ll have our first Meetup in the September. Please join the group and stay tuned!

Agile Product Open Toronto

Toronto, ON
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Agile Product Management Open Space – Using Open Space Technology to bring Agile Practices to Product Management in the Greater Toronto Area.The Agile Product Management Init…

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